MT4 Manager Anywhere

Execute block trades across an unlimited number of client sub- accounts – Anytime, Anywhere.

Safe & Secure

With Managers and Business Owners in mind, Smart Manager app is a safe and secure IOS platform that is designed to handle and manage trades inquiries and customers’ accounts.

Risk Management Tools

Perform different account management operations including Deposit/Withdrawal, as well as Credits in/out.


Managing Account Made Easy
  • Add new account and manage personal data (name, group, etc..)
  • View account status information such as (balance, equity margin, P&L, …)
  • Track clients’ insufficient funds with an active Margin Call
  • Deposit, Withdraw, Credit in & Credit out.
  • Account security control with ability to change accounts’ passwords. 
  • Enable/Disable different accounts.
  • Enable/Disable auto prices adjustments for each account.
  • View all accounts & mark the favorite.
  • View accounts history. 
MT4 SMART MANAGER screen shot
  • Place new orders.
  • Close and open trades.
  • Add/modify pending orders (Sell limit, buy limit, sell stop, buy stop, take profit, stop loss).
  • View open positions and pending orders.
  • Review all trades information of any account.
  • Generate closed orders reports and create different groups of different accounts accordingly. 
  • View summary of open positions for different groups according to the financial trading instruments.
  • Display covered positions 
  • Filtering data & information as needed.
  • Review Journal for saved records on all operations and events.

Meta Trader 4 Manager On Your iPhone

MT4 SMART MANAGER makes it stress-free for Brokers to execute block trades across an unlimited number of client sub- accounts – all from their IOS devices.